Procedure & Requirements

Admission Procedures and Requirements

Admission of a pupil/student is subject to the approval of the School’s Admissions Board. Previous school records and a pupil/student’s age will determine the point of entry. WEIS is authorised to contact schools and other sources to obtain information to support this application. I understand that any records obtained pursuant to my consent will be treated as confidential records and only revealed or disseminated within WEIS as necessary to make an admission and class placement decision. I further understand that I will not hold WEIS liable in gathering information from other sources and acting upon that information in the admission and placement processes.

WEIS’s Application Forms (parent contact information, Medical Record Form, Medical Examination Form) can be obtained from the office of the Manageress or download from the link below this page. All forms must be filled completely and returned to WEIS before the child is admitted into the school. Payment of a one-term non-refundable school fees plus Registration Fee is required of all pupil’s/students and must be paid before enrolment into the academic year. All pupils/students are enrolled for the entire school year unless expressly agreed to in writing to the contrary. Non-refundable fees for a full academic year are payable in termly instalments or yearly pursuant to a schedule published by WEIS (done conveniently by terms).

Tuition fees for all Pupil/Students must be paid in full at the beginning of the term before supplementary fees for Lunch (meals) and Transport fees can be paid for the Pupil/Student to be accepted to patronise the two facilities Fees (payable in cash or Banker’s Draft or Telegraphic Transfer-TT) should be paid in advance before the beginning of each term. Pupils/Students will not be allowed to attend classes if fees and school supplies are not paid within the first four weeks into a term. A parent shall pay ten percent interest penalty on all outstanding amount unless other acceptable arrangements in writing are made with the school with the prior approval of the Executive Director.

Parents or Guardians who would like to pay fees from overseas can do so and furnish the school administration with details of payment. Funds can be sent by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) payable in US Dollars to our Bankers at:


Prudential Bank Limited (PBL) SG Bank Limited UBA Bank
Weija Branch Premier Tower Branch Account No: 00754466702503
Weija, Accra – Ghana Accra – Ghana
US Dollar Account No: 132000780052 US Dollar Account NO:………….
Cedi Account No: 0132000780019 Cedi Account No: 0600002936031
Swift Code: PUBKGHAC Swift Code: SSEBGHAC

An additional amount of $15.00 should be added to cover Bank Charges for Foreign payments. Parents can also pay the Cedi equivalent into our Cedi Account by Bank Transfer or Banker’s Draft issued in the name of West End International School. All textbooks and library books issued to pupils/students with our stamps are property of WEIS and are to be returned in good condition upon termination of a pupil/student’s attendance or at the end of the school year. A replacement fee of three times the cost of the book will be charged for lost or damaged books. Parents/Guardians are supposed to pay for the full cost of all exercise and textbooks from the school before the pupil/student can be admitted to the class