About Us

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Our History

West End International School was established in September 2002. It has three levels: Pre – school, Primary, and J.H.S. West End International School is a melting point for students of different nationalities, who fit into the school system. West End International School has won several academic awards over the years. The schools population is about 500 students with 45 teachers. At W.E.I.S, we do subject teaching from class four to JHS 3 (from fourth grade to ninth grade). Our class numbers are manageable. (30 student per class).

We have a modern science laboratory, music and I.C.T laboratory. We also have E – Learning center for the pre – school.



West End International School is Private Preparatory, Primary and Junior High School. It is one of the most successful schools in Ghana. West End International School has a safe and happy environment for children to be themselves.


West End International School is committed to the education of our pupils and students (no matter the country and culture) to achieve excellence in their intellectual and personal developments by providing a safe and stimulating environment in a sub-urban setting. With our curriculum as dynamic and enriching as it is and children taught by qualified, dedicated and caring staff, we will, together with families, prepare and set them on the right path to becoming responsible and productive citizens.


  • Learning is a continuous process, of which our role at the formal stage is vital
  • Quality education will prepare our students to become responsible citizens of their countries
  • The development of the child’s personal integrity and moral courage is as important as development of the academic skills
  • A safe, stimulating and positive learning environment is a fundamental right
  • Your child’s learning ability and style is different from others and need to be accommodated
  • Emotional, intellectual, physical and social development of students complement one another in an overall quality education
  • Our pursuit of excellence should be a guiding principle for the school
  • It is only through the active participation of the school and the family can the educational successes of our students be enhanced and continuous.
  • Cultural diversity enriches the school and is highly valued
  • Extra-Curricular activities such as sports, debates and field trips should not be compromised for a balanced education.

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